Michel Martelly, better known as “Sweet Micky“, is a musical prodigy born in Port-au-Prince, who brought energy, passion and sensitivity to Haitian Compas.

We are in the late 80s, the country is recovering from a dictatorship characterized in particular by censorship and control of the means of expression of art and culture.

Haitian music after experiencing its golden age during the 50s and 60s, seems to fade and disappear behind the small French Caribbean zouk.

And then came Michel Martelly.

Traditional orchestras playing full band, find themselves suddenly in competition with a “young guy” sporting a casual look and with only three other musicians with him on stage. The group that will become “Sweet Micky ” will completely change the pace, the melodies as well as the musical style of Haiti.

For over 20 years, with Sweet Micky, Compas will experience new life, thanks to a surprising and tendentious originality that will delight a public thirsty for a new sound.

Since, Sweet Micky has released over thirty albums and has earned the reputation of being the most festive, vibrant, and charismatic performer of our time. As he returns to the stage for this concert series, he is prepared to deliver one of the most captivating shows of his career. This much anticipated return will mark the beginning of the next chapter for this Renaissance Man.